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The Best Way to Adopt For Your Link Building Method in Machine Learning Algorithm Era

Following up my Recent Post “Relevance Will Be the Key to Success in SEO for 2018”.

In Today’s post I am focusing on Linkbuilding.

When it comes to Linkbuilding, most SEOs always look for high DA or high DR irrespective of relevance.

“Quantity Doesn’t Matter, Quality is”

Do you think building links from high DA or DR will boost your ranking?

If yes, well, You need to think twice!

There are many third party metrics that you can use to boost your link building speed (Saving some time). But, I highly recommend you not to rely completely on DA or DR or any other metrics. They may help you now, but in the long run the influence will diminish.

In the Machine Learning Era Google AI will always look for relevant data or information.

  • When it comes to Content, Relevant Content will matter;
  • When it comes to Links, Relevant Links will matter.

Machine Learning Algorithm SEO

Now, How to Determine the Relevance of a Link? Era

To determine the quality and relevance I would focus on these points-

  1. Check the Backlink Source if it is
  • publishing related content that can be connected with your content?
  • using #SRT (Semantically Related Terms) or #LSI Keywords (Both target the same thing)?
  • receiving reasonable amount of organic traffic?
  • copying others’ content?

2. Can that link bring traffic to your site?

3. Do they publish new content through Editorial Review Process?

4. Look for External links and check their content. Is it relevant?

SEO is a long-term game and good SEO do not stop when their site starting to show.

Patience and Consistency is very important for both Business Owners and SEO Professionals.

Do you have any question in mind? Shoot in the comment below!

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